Memorials for March 2021

1 Year Anniversary:

Victor Nestico by Sharon, Kay, Cheryl, Lynnette and Andrea.

Birthday Memorial:

Todd Heitzman by Scott, Sharon, Jarrett, Tricia and Grady.


Bonnie Alleman by Rich and Doris Staugaitis.

Lorraine Dameron by Jeanne and Bill Hoffa.

Steven Derck by Amy Brooke and Elizabeth Zalar, Joe and Ruth Bordell, Michael and Corrine Carpenter, Bill and Helen Kuzmick, Sandy and Jim Zurick.

Katie Disori by Ralph Victoriano.

David Emil by Ron and Lisa Howerter.

Ed and Verna Fetterman by Ralph Victoriano.

Louise T. Gayeskie by The Annabelle’s Girls, Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Louis Grayson by Peggy Ferrari, Shirley Golden, Sharon Williams.

Marie and Troy Grinaway by Kathy and Abby James.

Troy Grinaway by Rick, Sue, Lisa and Ryan Burns, Peggy Timco.

Margaret “Peggy” Grow by Don and Marian Myers.

Shawn Guschel by Dave and Tina Moore.

Joleanne Hall by Kathy James, Sons: William and Donald, Brother-in-Law: Fritz Dombroski.

Frank Hogarty by Keystone Fish and Game Association, Joseph J. and Mary Ellen Sager, Peggy Timco, Kelly, Reagan, Katie and Ella.

Betty Jarosiewicz by Nancy and Amanda Galgocy.

Richard “Dick” Kashner by Dave and Tina Moore.

Richard “Dick” Kashner and Merle Kashner by Sandy and Tico Zarick.

Edward and Ada Knarr by Ralph Victoriano.

Nickolene Knovich by Marian Edmondson and Kathy and Abby James, Pauline Mirarchi and Family, Arlene Morgan, Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski.

Daniel Kozar by Joe and Joyce Sickora and Family, Mary Ann Sickora and Richard Spear.

Alfred Krushinskie by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family.

Urusla Ghezzi Kujan by Peggy Ferrari.

Dale Lenig by High School Special Education Department.

Samual Letizia by Loretta Brown.

Tina Lobb by Rosie Fullmer.

J. Edward “Ned” Ludes by Marian Edmondson, Kathy and Abby James, Chet Stesney.

Kevin Malukas by Susan and Rick Burns, Steve Butkey, Steve and Holly Chernago, Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Shirley Golden, Cindy, Ron and Marissa Moyer, Katie and Ella, Chris, Lanza and Dawson Williams.

John Molesevich by Barbara Kessler.

Doris Mordan by High School Special Education Department

Francis Moran by Eileen Merok.

Kenneth L. Murdock by Marian Edmondson and Kathy and Abby James, Lori Novack, Stephen Bradley, Lyndsey, Crue, Ron McElwee, Haley, Hattie and Andy Derr.

Brandon Nash by Rick, Sue, Lisa and Ryan Burns, Ed and Mary Ann Greager, Bill and Helen Kuzmick and Family.

Margaret Paul by Ian and Xavier, Dennis and Roxann Kodack.

Melvin Reichner by Mary Ann Anderson Barrett.

Elizabeth Reiprish by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Circle at Edgewood Swim Club, Gloria and Sami, Suzanne and Bob Starke, Corrine Thomas and Family.

Diane Robel by Matt, Lori, Sami And Matthew Schiccatano.

Thomas Rodgers by Marissa Moyer.

Nellie Roughton by Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski, Ron Zyla and Rhonda Eckman.

Carl Santor by Marian Edmondson and Kathy and Abby James, Don and Marian Myers, Joseph and Mary Ellen Sager.

Gregory Schoffler by Sue and Rick Burns, Chet Stesney.

Sylvia Shappell by Jennifer and Brian Brudnicki, Rae and Chuck Hopta, Betty Scicchitano, Jane Williams.

Arthur Stamets by Fullmer Family.

Margaret Lorraine Strausser by Dave and Sandy Navrocki

Anthony Varano by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Marian, Bill, Jeanne, Kathy and Abby.

Della and Acacio Victoriano by Ralph Victoriano.

Marna Victoriano by Ralph Victoriano.

Molly Victoriano by Ralph Victoriano.

Marie Young by Peggy Timco.

Book List for April 2021


Amarti, Claire…The Silent Daughter

Archer, Jeffrey…Turn a Blind Eye

Bowen, Rhys…The Venice Sketchbook

Broder, Melissa…Milk Fed

Edgarian, Carol…Vera

Evanovich, Janet…The Bounty

Fox, Lauren…Send for Me

Gaige, Amity…Sea Wife

Gailey, Sarah…The Echo Wife

Geffen, Adiva…Surviving the Forest

Greyson, Christopher…The Girl Who Lived

Ishiguro, Kazuo…Klara and the Sun

Jackson, Lisa…Distrust

King, Stephen…Later

Koontz, Dean…The Other Emily

Patterson, James…The Palm Beach Murders

Quinn, Kate…The Rose Code

Sandford, John…Ocean Prey

Scottoline, Lisa…Eternal

Smith, Wilbur…Legacy of War

Swanson, Peter…Every Vow You Break

Wetmore, Elizabeth…Valentine

Willig, Lauren…Band of Sisters

Winspear, Jacqueline…The Consequences of Fear

Woods, Stuart…Double Jeopardy


McKay, Autumn…The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guide

Rosen, Ira…Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at 60 Minutes

Sowards, Jessica…Growing Vegetables: First Time Gardener

Children’s Book List


Paul, Ann Whitford…If Animals Kissed Good Night

Smith, Craig…The Wonky Donkey


Marzollo, Jean…I Spy Animals

Marzollo, Jean…I Spy Letters

Matzollo, Jean…I Spy Numbers


Silvano, Wendi…Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter

Wallace, Adam…How to Catch the Easter Bunny


Hesse, Monica…Girl in the Blue Coat

Johnson, Kim…This is My America

Strand, Jeff…I Have a Bad Feeling About This

Children’s Storytime and Movement at the Park

Help us to celebrate National Library Week by bringing the kids to the Library Children’s Storytime and Movement at Claude Kehler Park on Monday, April 5, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. (event will be held at the Library in the event of inclement weather).

There will be storybook pages placed throughout the park and the parents and children can participate by “walking” through the story. Joyce Sickora will then conduct movement activities followed by a craft and snack. Small goodie bags will be distributed at the end of the program.

Please come and help us celebrate our Library and our awesome patrons! Please remember that masks and social distancing are required at all Library events.

See you on Monday!

New Library Director Hired

The Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library is excited to announce the hiring of Ben Shemory as the new Library Director. A Sunbury native, Shemory is a 2013 graduate of Shikellamy High School as well as Clarion University where he recently earned a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science. After several years of employment as the Technical & Media Services Associate at the Degenstein Community Library, Ben is excited for the opportunity to serve all those who faithfully frequent the library along with those entering our doors for the very first time. A strong believer in the public library’s potential for enriching the lives of all residents, he looks forward to growing the library’s role within the community and forming new friendships with organizations throughout the area. Shemory is set to officially start as Library Director on April 19th.

Book List for March 2021

Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library March 2021 Book List


Charles, Janet Skeslien…The Paris Library

Dailey, Janet…Calder Brand

Hannah, Kristin…The Four Winds

Harper, Jane…The Survivors

Hart, John…The Unwilling

Jance, Judith A….Missing and Endangered

Johansen, Iris…Blink of an Eye

Jones, Robert Jr….The Prophets

Kellerman, Jonathan…Serpentine

Lecoat, Jenny…The Girl from the Channel Islands

Nimura, Janice P….The Doctors Blackwell

Patterson, James…The Russian

Reichs, Kathy…A Conspiracy of Bones

Steel, Danielle…Neighbors


Kimmerer, Robin…Braiding Sweetgrass

Pang, Amelia…Made in China

Patterson, James…Walk in My Combat Boots


Andrews, V.C….Whispering Hearts

Charles, Janet Skeslien…The Paris Library

Hurwitz, Gregg…Prodigal Son


Brown, Rita Mae…Out of Hounds

Robb, J.D….Faithless in Death

Children’s Books


Kann, Victoria…Happy Birthday!

Kann, Victoria…Pinkalicious and the Pinkettes


McBratney, Sam…Will You be My Friend

McCullough, Joy…Champ and Major

Nas X, Lil…C is for Country

Relth, Michael…Picture Book by Dogs

Junior Fiction

Arnold, David…The Electric Kingdom

DeKeyser, Stacey…The Rhino in Right Field

Gratz, Alan…Ground Zero

McGinnis, Mindy…Be Not Far From Me

Young Adults

Acevedo, Elizabeth…Clap When You Land

Andrews, V.C….The Umbrella Lady

Grace, Adalyn…All the Stars and Teeth

Grace, Adalyn…All the Tides of Fate

Peterson, Andrew…On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

Peterson, Andrew…The Warden and the Wolf King

Library Memorials for February 2021

The Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library announces Memorials for the month of February 2021:

Century Club:

Robert Apollo by St. Francis Home Association.

Alma Payne by Jack, Teresa, Matt and Brett Payne and Lindsay Bailey.

Margaret Lorraine Strausser by Ruth Ann and Bill McCay.


Kathryn Glavich 95th Birthday by Sharon, Barbara, JoAnn and families.

Richard Shurock by Sharon, Scott, Jarrett, Tricia, Grady and Barbara, JoAnn, Kim, Rich, Rob, Grandchldren: Rob, Ryan, Hailey and Sophie Ann.

Gertrude “Trudy” Trego by Brother: Bill and Bari Snyder.


Bonnie Alleman by Jeffrey and Kathleen Clutcher, Skip and Carmeline Rabuck, Joseph J. and Mary Ellen Sager.

Robert Apollo by Kathy Gonsar and Joe Rocuskie.

Joyce Henninger Arnold by Dr. Dennis and Lori (Boyd) Derck.

Michael Barber by Ann Fidler and Family.

George Boyd by Dr. Dennis and Lori (Boyd) Derck.

George R. Boyd by Dr. Dennis and Lori (Boyd) Derck.

Mary Heleva Henninger Boyd by Dr. Dennis and Lori (Boyd) Derck.

Linda Brown by Andrew and Doris Kalinowski.

Robert Brown by Loretta Brown.

Robert Buriak by Cal and Roseanne Harris.

Kathleen Coyne by Dr. and Mrs. James Catino.

James Dempsey by Steve and Connie Dunleavy.

Steven Derck by Barb Ammerman and Brian and Kristen Ammerman, Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Mary Derk, Steve and Connie Dunleavy, Cindy Heins and George Gratti, Matthew Heins, Melissa and Mike Smith and Families, Aldo Mirarchi, Sally Sobotor, Jim and Kathy Yurick.

Carl Dick by Ann Fidler and Family.

Joseph Donovan by Sharon and Scott Heitzman, Skip and Carmaline Rabuck.

Dorothy Duncheskie by Kathy Gonsar and Joe Rocuskie.

Thomas A. Ferrick Jr. by Bill and Barb Troutman.

Troy Grinaway by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Janice Olcese.

Betty Stefanovage Gotshall by Shamokin High School Class of 1955.

Lori Groody by Ann and Rich Weikel.

Roseann Herr by Kathy Gonsar.

Richard “Dick” Kashner by Ed and Nancy Binkoski, Andy and Doris (Davis) Kalinowski, Dave and Mariann Kinder, Justin and Kathleen Kleskie and Family, Shamokin High School Class of 1955, Ralph and Bruce Victoriano, Ron Zyla and Rhonda Eckman,

Thomas Klacik by Kathy Gonsar.

Patrick G. Komara Sr. by Albert J. and Loris Buchinski.

Maryrita Leshinskie by Ann Fidler and Rob and Cheryl Fidler and Family.

Dolores Louttit by Nancy Shervanick.

J. Edward “Ned” Ludes by Bill Dudeck, Don and Marian Myers, Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski.

Melvin Miller by Nancy and Amanda Galaocy, Brooklyn and Everly Miller.

John “Jack” Molesevich by Steve and Connie Dunleavy.

Robert Mowery by Vic and Joan Barvitskie, Bruce Victoriano, Ronald and Becky


Brandon Nash by Donna and Charles Klischer.

Paul Paranzen by Judy Albright, Isabel Hummel, Scott, Sharon, Jarrett, Tricia and Grady.

Michael Procopio by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Larry and Mary Glazik, Max and Sandy Madrack, Raymond Santor, Roseann and Al Varano, Bruce Victoriano.

Morgan M. Purcell by Gloria Blusius, Mom and Ashley Purcell and Family, Mark and Jane Ann Sosnoskie, and Brother Markie, Rich and Sylvia Dunn.

Carl Santor by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, DD Coffee Group, Dave and Sue Hoffman, Carolyn Weaver.

Gregory Schoffler by Janet and Al Sabol.

John Shepard by Sharon (Mulhall) and Don Betz, Evan Jamison, Nick and Margaret “Lenig” Rocco, Tricia “Lenig” and Mike Sponenberg.

Arthur Stametz by Cathy Lacroce, Suzanne and Bob Starke, Roseann and Al Varano.

Margaret Lorraine Strausser by Barbara Larson, Patricia A. Troxell.

Adeline Talisesky by Joseph J. and Mary Ellen Sager.

Craig Allen Taxis by Bruce Victoriano.

Donald and Trudy Trego by Ann Fidler and Family.

William Troxell by Patricia A Troxell.

Marion Valanoski by Steve and Connie Dunleavy.

Joan Varano by Annamae Kanuchok, Joe and Joyce Sickora and Family, Mary Sickora and Richard Spear, Carolyn Weaver.

Donna Wisloski by Kathy Gonsar, Joanne Scotko, Bruce Victoriano.

Elizabeth “Bette” Wojciechowski by Mary Lou Behney, Ann Fidler and Rob and Cheryl Fidler and Family, Barbara Kessler, JoAnn Shurock.

Dr. Richard T. Wood by Shamokin High School Class of 1957.

Marie Young by Janice Olcese, Ron Zyla and Rhonda Eckman.


Shamokin Coal Township Public Library

Library Director- Job Description

Under the direction of the Library Board of Trustees, the Library Director serves as the library’s primary public representative; performs responsible and varied administrative and professional work related to planning, organizing, directing, supervising, and evaluating all aspects of library services.

Hours: Full-time 35 hours a week (Monday- Friday with occasional Saturday and evening hours)

Salary: $35,000-42,000 a year.

Benefits include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Sick time
  • Vacation
  • Holidays
  • Continuing education credits

Essential Duties:


  • Ability to plan, organize, supervise, and evaluate the work of employees and volunteers in diversified library activities
  • Recruits, selects, and trains new personnel
  • Coordinates the continued training and development of staff members
  • Evaluates the performances of employees


  • Committed to excellence in customer service
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to organize work for efficient use of time
  • Develops clear descriptions of staff positions

Community Relations and Partnerships

  • Promotes and publicizes the Library in the community.
  • Attends appropriate meetings as the Library’s spokesperson
  • Creates and leads programming for all age groups.

Strategic Planning and Development

  • Attends monthly board meetings
  • Prepares and presents monthly board reports and library budget
  • Completes all mandatory reporting to the Office of Commonwealth Libraries
  • Prepares grant applications and seeks funding for operational and improvement programs
  • Actively seeks grants, gifts, and other new sources of funding for the library

Library Resources and Technology

  • Thorough knowledge of library resources: print, non-print, and electronic
  • Working knowledge of Windows and Microsoft Office
  • The ability to maintain the library website and social media accounts
  • Knowledge of library automation
  • Responsible for the selection of library materials including books, media, computer programs and other materials
  • Supervises the purchase, utilization, and maintenance of technology to deliver, monitor and enhance library services

Professional Growth and Development

  • Advises, consults, and confers with other libraries and professionals as needed
  • Attends conferences, workshops, webinars, and other trainings to learn about new trends, issues, products, and best practices
  • Meets the state standard for continuing education hours


  • Master’s Degree in Library Science, or Library and Information Science (MLS/MLIS), or Bachelor’s Degree and working towards a Master’s Degree
  • Work toward Professional Librarian Certification through the Department of Education
  • Professional library experience preferred
  • Experience with grant writing preferred
  • Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation
  • PA Criminal Background Check, Childline Child Abuse Clearance, FBI Criminal Background Check, and Mandated Reporting are required

Interested candidates may email a resume and cover letter to Board President Frank Konopka at The Library Board will be accepting applications until the position is filled.


Starting Monday, March 1, 2021 the Shamokin Coal Township Public Library will resume in person service.  Library hours will remain the same – Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  MASKING AND SOCIAL DISTANCING ARE MANDATORY.  Patrons will have the opportunity to use the computers and WiFi as well as browse the stacks.  Fine amnesty will continue through March.  If you have any questions, please call 570-648-3202.