Upcoming Events at Your Local Library!

Lots of events are coming up at the library! We’ve got 4 dates of Book Bingo scheduled over the next several weeks for patrons of all ages. In partnership with the Northumberland County Council for the Arts & Humanities, crafting programs for both children and adults will be held at the library throughout February and March. If you wish to attend one of the crafting programs, please sign up either at the library or over the phone (570-648-3202).

Valentine’s Day at the Library

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! There’s still time, however, to visit the library and decorate an ornament for our Valentine’s Day tree. All patrons are welcome to contribute to the tree in the spirit of community and togetherness. When visiting the library for an event or just to browse the shelves, also take notice of our festive Valentine’s Day décor throughout the library!

Upcoming Book Bingo Dates

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 1st for the next rounds of Book Bingo at the Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library! We’ll be holding this event on the second floor and rounds will start at 6 PM. This is a free event with no signup required so you can simply show up and play! All bingo cards and cover chips will be provided.
And best of all, we’ll have a wide variety of books available as prizes for all the lucky winners!
From here on out due to this recurring event’s popularity, we’ll be hosting Book Bingo the first Tuesday of each month and every third Thursday (6 PM for both).
Future dates include February 17th (Thursday), March 1st (Tuesday), and March 17th (Thursday). See you there!

Book Bingo Today & the Future

A big thank you to everyone who came out for Book Bingo at the library earlier this evening! We hope that you all had a wonderful time and were able to take home some good reads to add to your home libraries that will be cherished for years to come. Our next Book Bingo event will be Tuesday, February 1st at 6 PM. Later next month we’ll be hosting the event again on Thursday, February 17th also a 6 PM. As always, keep an eye out for additional upcoming events brought to you by your local public library!

Book Bingo Tomorrow Night! (1/18/22)

Don’t forget that Book Bingo is tomorrow evening at 6 PM! All supplies (cards, cover chips, etc.) are provided. All ages are welcome to join us for bingo rounds up on the second floor of the library. We’ll have a varied selection of books for our lucky winners to choose from. See you all there!

Upcoming Potential Snowfall

With the possibility of winter weather coming our way Sunday evening and into Monday, please keep an eye on the library’s Facebook page, Instagram, or website to remain informed and up to date concerning a possible late opening or closure. This especially applies to the children and parents who regularly attend Preschool Storytime & Movement on Monday mornings!

Valentine’s Day Tree is Growing!

Our Valentine’s Day tree is coming along quite nicely so far! We’ve had patrons of all ages color ornaments and certainly encourage more folks to join in throughout the coming weeks. Come down to the library to browse our diverse collection of materials and contribute to our holiday tree while you’re here!

January 2022 Book List


Albom, Mitch…The Stranger in the Lifeboat

Cliptson, Amy…The Amish Quilting Bee

Benedict, Marie…The Other Einstein

Johnson, Jocelyn Nicole…My Monticello

Mallory, Susan…The Vineyard at Painted Moon

Michaels, Fern…Hidden

Taylor, Brad…End of Days

CD Audio

Cornwell, Patricia…Autopsy

Cussler, Clive…Fast Ice

Cussler, Clive…The Saboteurs

Flynn, Vince…Enemy at the Gates

Grisham, John…The Judge’s List

King, Stephen…Billy Summers

Patterson, James…The Defense Lawyer

Patterson, James…Fear No Evil

Patterson, James…The Noise

Penny, Louise…The Madness of Crowds

Penny, Louise…State of Terror

Towles, Amor…The Lincoln Highway

Woods, Stuart…Criminal Mischief


Fluke, Joanne…Christmas Dessert Murder

Robb, J.D….Forgotten In Death

Young Adult & Children’s Books

Board Books

Beer, Sophie…Change Starts With Us

Beer, Sophie…Kindness Makes Us Strong


Nebres, Charlotte…Charlotte and the Nutcracker

Young Adult

Fox, Phoebe…The Way We Weren’t

Lee, Yoon…Tiger Honor

Tan, Sue Lynn…Daughter of the Moon Goddess

Junior Fiction

Korman, Gordon…Schooled

January 2022 Memorials & Honors

The Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library Announces Memorials & Honors for the Month of December 2021:

In Honor Of:

Kathleen Knapik on her 100th Birthday by Susan Zaner.

Vincent Makowski by Jonathan Makowski.

Wednesday Breakfast Ladies by Linda.

Lee and Nan Weller by Linda Latsha.

Century Club:

Vincent Makowski by Frank and Marge Konopka.

Hope Hoy Shepherd by Carol and Barbara Jones.

Birthday Memorials:

Robert Baskin by Diane and Charlie Krebs

Robert Glavich by Sharon, Barbara, JoAnn and Family.

Margaret Heitzman by Scott, Sharon, Jarrett, Tricia and Grady.


Alice Ann Bainbridge by Dave and Barb Ammerman, Curtis Dobson, Jeanie Wolf and Family.

Caroline Bakellar by Dunn Family.

Thomas Bamford by Dennis and Sue Christiana, Lee and Barbara Konjura, Bob and Suzanne Starke.

Clara Coleman Blasko by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Shirley and Bill Golden, Pamela, Eric, John Tobias, Gage and Grayson, Staugaitis and Tamkus Families.

Barbara Burrows by Shamokin High School Class of 1955.

David Cook by Karen and James Linton.

Edwin M. Cooper by Doris Kalinowski and Family.

Katie Disori by Ralph and Bruce Victoriano.

Margaret Disick by Harry and Andrea Reed.

Eugene N. Faust by Tracy and Bob McIntyre and Linda Latsha.

Edward and Verna Fetterman by Ralph and Bruce Victoriano.

George Fobia by Pete Bogetti and Tina Wilk, Pat and Jim Bressi, Kris Mace, Andy and Penny Murphy and Family, Bob and Deby Nahodil, Mary Sickora.

Lisa Marie Foulds by Peggy Ferrari, Theresa and Ron Ramp, Ron and Becky Weller.

Joe Heath by Kris Mace.

Dale Hoffman by Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Albertini and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Albertini, Pat and Jim Bressi, Dave and Sue Hoffman, Jill Heitzman, Sharon, Scott, Jarrett and Tricia Heitzman, Betsy Shinskie and Family.

Mary Hower by Mary Sickora and Dick Spear.

Larry Hummel by Ray and Mary Ann Bartosic, Bill Dudeck, Don and Marian Myers, Don and Shannon Myers, Bruce and Ralph Victoriano, Jim and Kathy Yurick.

Donna M. Kehler by Mary and Rich Derk.

Edward and Ada Knarr by Ralph and Bruce Victoriano.

Nicholas Leshinski by Ron Zyla and Rhonda Eckman, Don and Marian Myers.

Theresa Lucas by Joyce Boyer and Family.

Richard (Dick) Miller by Lynda Yost and Pete Bednar, Kris, Shannon, Joy and Russ Mace.

Amy Lynn Pancher Murphy by Theresa Fleming, Shamokin High School Class of 1996, Richard and Ann Weikel.

Timothy Neary by Richard Dunn and Family.

Thomas “Chub” Pappas by Lynda Yost and Pete Bednar, Barry and Terri Snyder.

Constance Jo “Connie” Probst by Wayne Harper, Jill Heitzman, Sharon, Scott, Jarrett and Tricia Heitzman, Andy Murphy and Family.

Fredrick and Marian Reed by Deb, Paul and Matthew Losiewicz.

Anita Robel by Lee and Barbara Konjura.

Thomas Rodgers by Bob and Deby Nahodil.

Sgt. Matt Sandri by Family.

Robert (Bob) W. Shade by Kris, Shannon, Joy and Russ Mace.

Hope Hoy Shepherd by Hoy Family.

Thomas A. Shervinskie Sr. by Marian Edmondson.

Forrest “Chip” Shurock by Ralph and Bruce Victoriano.

Doris Staugaitis by Barb and Dave Ammerman, Dennis and Sue Christiana, Bill and Shirley Golden, Jeanne and Bill Hoffa, Bob and Suzanne Starke.

Ellen Sutsko by Robert Shaw, Jack and Janet Wachter, Chris, Lanza and Dawson Williams.

Debra J. Tomcavage by Deb, Paul and Matthew Losiewicz, Steve and Sue Petrovich, Barb and Georgetta Shaffer.

Acacio and Della Victoriano by Ralph and Bruce Victoriano.

Marna Victoriano by Ralph and Bruce Victoriano.

Molly Victoriano by Ralph and Bruce Victoriano.

Jack V. Swank by Kathy and Abby James.

Francis Zelinskie by Danny and Sandee Chesluk and Family, Peggy Ferrari, The Hoy Family, Don and Marian Myers, Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski, Ron Zyla and Rhonda Eckman.