Memorials for January 2021

Shamokin-The Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library announces Memorials placed during the month of January 2021:

Century Club:

Thoms Ferrick by Karen W. Blackway

Alma Payne by The 5 Salwocki’s: Carol, Nancy, Stan, Terry and David.

Alma Payne by Arthur Payne.

Jean Shebelsky Stewart by Shamokin High School Class of 1965.

Anniversary Memorial:

Robert Glavich by Sharon, Barbara, JoAnn and Families.


Bonnie Alleman by American Legion Auxiliary Lincoln Unit 73, Pat and Jim Bressi, Dave and Tina Moore, Shane and Danielle Mowery.

Pamela Anderson by Uncle Pete and Aunt Tina.

Robert Apollo by Pat and Jim Bressi, Marian Edmondson, Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski, Skip and Carmeline Rabuck.

Ann Louise Backes by James and Christine Backes, Marilyn Dick, Janice Olcese, Darrin and Deb Silbaugh.

John Richard Ballent by Kathy and Abby James and Marian Edmondson, Cindy and Marissa Moyer.

George and Mary Heleva Henninger Boyd by Helene Boyd Shoffler and Family.

Mary “Molly” Dormer by Michael and Linda Dormer and Family, Sharon and Scott Heitzman and Families, John and Suzanne Kiersnowski, Daniel Long, Joe and Joyce Sickora.

Harold Dressler by The Rescue Fire Company.

Thomas Drust by Ed and Nancy Binkoski.

James Robert Dunstan by Andrea and Anthony Leshinskie.

Dale Duval by Joannie and Don Yuricich.

Roseann Herr by Richard Spear and Mary Sickora.

Phyllisdene Kline by Doris Bamford.

Luke “Skip” Lapotsky by Sue and Rick Burns, Dick Spear and Mary Sickora.

Michael Losiewicz by Jearldean Losiewicz.

Norman Lukoskie by Pat and Jim Bressi, Patricia Czech, Shane and Danielle Mowery, Don and Marian Myers, Don and Shannon Myers.

Neil MacLure by Boots and Flash Ramp.

Nancy Madden by Mike and Linda Dormer and Family.

Richard M. Miller by Kathy and Abby James.

John Molesevich by Marian Edmondson, Pat Engle, Tim and Denise Fanella, Barbara Kesseler, Corrine Thomas.

Robert Mowery by James and Christine Backes, Doris Bamford, Pat and Jim Bressi,

Coal Cracker Club, Glenn L. and Mabel J. Henninger, Linda Dimmick, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Metrocavage, Dave and Tina Moore, Dave and Lee Anna Talisesky, Roseann and Al Varano, Kathy and Jim Yurick.

Helen Jane Murphy by Joe and Barbara Giguts.

Phyllis Murphy by Diann and Michael Kovack, Vincent and Regina Poplaski, Gloria Silipigni Wheeler.

Carol (Schlagel) MacNeal by Wes and Diane Schrader.

Stella G. Narke by Cal and Roseanne Harris.

Alma Payne by John and Suzanne Kiesnowski.

Karla Petrino by Loretta Brown.

Bernadette and Bernard Petro by James, Karen (Tosh) Linton.

Beverly Progansky by Audrey A. and Gerald E. Mroz.

Morgan Purcell by Babe.

Andrew Reich Sr.  by Ed and Nancy Binkoski.

Leah May Rexrode by Gloria Picarelli Catino.

Bernard “Bernie” Rumberger by Coal Township High School Class of 1957.

Kenneth Savage by Chris Wert.

Carl M. Shoffler by Helene Boyd Shoffler and Family.

James M. Stewart by Linda Dimmick.

Jean C. Stewart by Don and Marion Myers, Chet Stesney.

Margaret Lorraine Strausser by Doris Bamford, Meg Bartol, Janice Wetzel Curran, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howatt, The Stanley Family, Jerry, Kathy, John and Jeremy Strausser, Karen Rhodes, Nancy Shervanick, Leslie Thompson, Roseann and Al Varano, Jim and Kathy Yurick.

Adeline L. Talisesky by Joe and Carol Broscious, Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski, Skip and Carmeline Rabuck.

Don and Trudy Trego by John and Suzanne Kiersnowski and Family.

Marion Valanoski by Rosie Fullmer.

Brient Wiest by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family.

Frances Wiest by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family.

Donna Wisloski by Boots and Flash Ramp, Shirley Golden, John and Sue Golumbfskie, Mary Goncalves, Bob and Mary Ann Hartman, Alan and Joanne Horoshock, Denise and Dennis Klinger, Margaret and Frank Konopka, Edward and Diane Luberecki, Shane and Danielle Mowery, Shamokin Area High School Class of 1972, Erica and John Tobias and Gage and Grayson, Jack and Ruth Ann Tobias, Roseann and Al Varano, Kathy and Jim Yurick.                 Kenneth P. Yoder Sr. by Rosie Fullmer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

February 2021 Book List


Benjamin, Melanie…The Children’s Blizzard

Bruce, Camilla…In the Garden of Spite

Gardner, Lisa…Before She Disappeared

Hockman, Angie…Shipped

Lo, Malinda…Last Night at the Telegraph Club

Patterson, James…Till Murder Do Us Part

Reynolds, Allie…Shiver

Schwab, V.E….The Invisible Life of Addie Larue

Stuart, Douglas…Shuggie, Bain


Crawford, Lacy…Notes on a Silencing, A Memoir

Winchester, Simon…Land


Brown, Rita Mae…Out of Hounds

Fellowes, Jessica…The Mitford Trial

McCall Smith, Alexander…Pianos and Flowers


Hawkins, Rachel…The Wife Upstairs



Krauss, Ruth…Roar like a Dandelion


Gains, Joanna…The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be

Green, Alison…Kind

Mendez, Yamile Saied…Where Are You From?

Quintero, Isabel…My Papi Has a Motorcycle

Berenstain, Mike…The Berenstain Bears’ School Talent Show


McCarthy, Meghan…Firefighter’s Handbook

O’Brien, Cynthia…Scholastic 2021 Book of World Records


Cashore, Kristin…Winterkeep

Kaplan, Maxine…Wench

February is Library Lovers Month

February is Library Lovers Month and the Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library is planning to celebrate in a big way!

The Library will be forgiving any and all fines in February.  No matter how much or how long you’ve owed, fines will be forgiven! If you haven’t been visiting the library due to fines, now’s the time to come back.  We want to thank you for all your support and make sure you know you’re always welcome at the Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library!

February is also “Kindness” month.  The Library, has partnered with the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way, and are giving away “Be Kind” yard signs and stickers, while supplies last.  Come get your sign and enter to win a “Be Kind” tee shirt or mask.  You do not need a library card to participate, but one of our library staff would be happy to set you up with one!

Although we are closed to the public due to Covid-19, the Library is offering curbside service for our patrons in order to request books and DVD’s.  We are offering copy and printing services and will be announcing the AARP tax preparation schedule within the next few weeks.  We also have a limited supply of tax forms.  Feel free to call 570-648-3202, or e-mail the Library for service.

New Books – January 2021


Bradford, Barbara Taylor…In the Lion’s Den

Brunstetter, Wanda E….The Blended Quilt

Cline, Ernest…Ready Player Two

Cooper, Becky…We Keep the Dead Close

Dodd, Christina…Wrong Alibi

Fisher, Tarryn…The Wrong Family

Galbraith, Robert…Troubled Blood

Goodman, Joanna…The Forgotten Daughter

Gyasi, Yaa…Transcendent Kingdom

Joyce, Rachel…Miss Benson’s Beetle

Kim, Nancy Jooyoun…The Last Story of Mina Lee

McDaniel, Tiffany…Betty

Patterson, James…NYPD Red 6

Schwab, V.E….The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Weiden, David…Winter Counts

Woods, Stuart…Hush-Hush


Atwood, Margaret, Dearly

Crawford, Lacy…Notes on a Silencing

Patterson, James…The Last Days of John Lennon

Patterson, James…Murder of Innocence

Sedaris, David…The Best of Me


Benedict, Marie…The Mystery of Mrs. Christie


Hollis, Rachel…Didn’t See That Coming

Patterson, James…The Last Days of John Lennon

Steel, Danielle…All That Glitters

Children’s Book

January 2021


Grant, Jacob…Bear Meets Bear

McCall Smith, Alexander…How to Raise an Elephant

Pilutti, Deb… Ten Steps to Flying Like A Superhero.

Yolen, Jane…How Do Dinosaurs Show Good Manners?

Juvenile Fiction

Green, Alejandra…Fantastic Tales of Nothing

Osborne, Mary Pope…Warriors in Winter

Stilton, Thea…Thea Stilton and the Rainforest Rescue


O’Brien, Cynthia…2021 Book of World Records


McManus, Karen M….The Cousins

Riordan, Rick…Burning Maze (Book 3)  The Trials of Apollo


Baltazar, Art…Arkhamaniacs

Bruel, Nick…Bad Kitty Goes on Vacation

December 2020 Memorials

In Honor of Tracy and Bob McIntyre by Mother.

In Honor of The Wednesday Breakfast Club by Linda

Century Club:

Deceased Classmates From the Shamokin Area High School Class of 1968 by Shamokin Area High School Class of 1968.

Beverly Deitz by Harry Deitz.

Eunice Kanaskie by Stacey and Jeffry Kaminski.

Dorothy Kemp by Jessie Smith.

Alma Payne by Geisinger Family.

Richard P. Zack by Northern Lebanon County Authority.

Birthday Memorials:

Robert Baskin by Diane, Charlie, Dan, Kyleigh and Kieran Burns.

Robert Glavich by Sharon, Barbara, JoAnn and Families.

Margaret Heitzman by Scott, Sharon, Jarrett, Tricia, Grady and Jill.


Steven Anoia by Diane and Gig Thomas and Family.

Ann Backes by Jeff and Kathy Clutcher, Dave and Sue Hoffman, Cheryl and Dennis Meek, Don and Marian Myers, Joe and Joyce Sickora, Mary Ann Sickora and Richard Spear.

Robert Balitchik by Kathy James.

Michael Barber by Joe and Betty Dudeck and Family, Dave and Sandy Navrocki, Rich Polyniak.

George and Mary Heleva Henninger Boyd by Scarlette and Bill Lastoskie and Family.

Catherine “Kay” Burns by Jeff and Kathy Clutcher, The Junior Cronies, Ann Fidler and Family, Shirley Golden, John and Suzanne Kiersnowski, Sharon Williams.

Carl Dick by Sue and Rick Burns.

Mary “Molly” Dormer by Dave and Sue Hoffman, Don and Marian Myers, Lois Platt, Mary Ann Sickora and Dick Spear,  Joe and Joyce Sickora, Gloria Treese, Tico and Sandy Zarick.

Thomas Drust by Dave and Sandy Navrocki.

Dorothy Duncheskie by Joe and Betty Dudeck and Family, Marian Edmondson and Kathy and Abby James, Carol and Barbara Jones, Janet Wahosky and Family.

Helen Gallagher by Loretta Brown, Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family.

Karen Gates by Catherine Surak.

William Haines by Pat and Dolores Kosmer.

John Hoffman by Pat and Dolores Kosmer.

Ruth Ann Hojnacki by Irene Buczeskie, Jean Neumeister.

Ralph “Jess” James by Coal Township High School Class of 1957.

Penrose Kerstetter by Dave and LeeAnna Talisesky.

Charles Klemanski by Jean Neumeister.

Rose Mary Kodack by Joe and Betty Dudeck and Family, Beth and Gary Kerstetter, Roxann and Dennis Kodack and Dennis Jr., Great Nephews: Ian, Lucas, Xavier, Sean and Trey, Ian Paul, Xavier Paul, T. Sanders (Hollywood Express), Lucas Weikel, Sean Weikel.

Violet Krieger by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Mary Ann C. Krieger.

William J. and Helen Lastoskie by Scarlett and Bill Lastoskie and Family.

Edward Lippay by Ed and Nancy Binkoski, Kathy Gonsar, Cindy Heins and Frances Tyson, Ann and Rich Weikel.

Phyllis Lippay by Ann and Rich Weikel

John Lyash by Shirley Golden, Keith and Kathy Jeremiah, Shamokin High School Class of 1957.

Nancy C. Madden by Rick and Sue Burns.

Robbie Merok by Gerry Moran.

Robert Mowery by Greg and Donna Wisloski.

Phyllis Eleanor (Miller) Murphy by Aldo Mirarchi, Cheryl Verano.

Alma Payne by Doris Bamford, Nancy Booth, Jeffrey and Kathleen Clutcher, Curtis Dobson, Jennifer Donohue and Joseph Alperstein, Shirley Golden, Kathy Gonsar and Joe Rocuskie, Bob and Mary Ann Hartman, Barbara Kessler, Don and Suzanne Kiersnowski and Family, Don and Marian Myers, Jean Olcese, Joseph and Claire Payne, Joe and Joyce Sickora, Mary Sickora and Richard Spear, Sharon Williams, Joannie and Don Yuricich.

Melvin Reichner by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Dave and Sandy Navrocki.

William Rovito by Friends from King Cole.

Bernard “Bernie” Rumberger Sr. by Rick and Sue Burns, Kathy James.

Jean Shutt by Barbara Jones.

Kenneth Sickora by Jeffrey and Kathleen Clutcher.

Doris “Dolly” Spotts by Sister: Ruth Ann Madar, Jean Neumeiser.

John Strausser by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Metrocavage.

Gertrude “Trudy” Trego by Ray and Mary Ann Bartosic, Annamae Kanuchok, John and Suzanne Kiersnowski.

Marion Valanoski by Saint Stanislaus Class of 1968.

Robert Wilson by Carol and Barbara Jones.


Benji Potter here again! The competition was fierce, and I had to perform some magic, but we have a winner of the complete set of Harry Potter books!

May I present Olivia Rhoads, our grand prize winner!!!!

Olivia is standing with Mary Sickora, Interim Library Manager and Lisa Eccker (seated) owner of The Springfield Banquet Hall & Catering in Coal Township. A big THANK YOU to Lisa, for putting together the Harry Potter themed tree and contest for the Library! You are most AWESOME for a muggle!!!!!