Memorials for January 2021

Shamokin-The Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library announces Memorials placed during the month of January 2021:

Century Club:

Thoms Ferrick by Karen W. Blackway

Alma Payne by The 5 Salwocki’s: Carol, Nancy, Stan, Terry and David.

Alma Payne by Arthur Payne.

Jean Shebelsky Stewart by Shamokin High School Class of 1965.

Anniversary Memorial:

Robert Glavich by Sharon, Barbara, JoAnn and Families.


Bonnie Alleman by American Legion Auxiliary Lincoln Unit 73, Pat and Jim Bressi, Dave and Tina Moore, Shane and Danielle Mowery.

Pamela Anderson by Uncle Pete and Aunt Tina.

Robert Apollo by Pat and Jim Bressi, Marian Edmondson, Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski, Skip and Carmeline Rabuck.

Ann Louise Backes by James and Christine Backes, Marilyn Dick, Janice Olcese, Darrin and Deb Silbaugh.

John Richard Ballent by Kathy and Abby James and Marian Edmondson, Cindy and Marissa Moyer.

George and Mary Heleva Henninger Boyd by Helene Boyd Shoffler and Family.

Mary “Molly” Dormer by Michael and Linda Dormer and Family, Sharon and Scott Heitzman and Families, John and Suzanne Kiersnowski, Daniel Long, Joe and Joyce Sickora.

Harold Dressler by The Rescue Fire Company.

Thomas Drust by Ed and Nancy Binkoski.

James Robert Dunstan by Andrea and Anthony Leshinskie.

Dale Duval by Joannie and Don Yuricich.

Roseann Herr by Richard Spear and Mary Sickora.

Phyllisdene Kline by Doris Bamford.

Luke “Skip” Lapotsky by Sue and Rick Burns, Dick Spear and Mary Sickora.

Michael Losiewicz by Jearldean Losiewicz.

Norman Lukoskie by Pat and Jim Bressi, Patricia Czech, Shane and Danielle Mowery, Don and Marian Myers, Don and Shannon Myers.

Neil MacLure by Boots and Flash Ramp.

Nancy Madden by Mike and Linda Dormer and Family.

Richard M. Miller by Kathy and Abby James.

John Molesevich by Marian Edmondson, Pat Engle, Tim and Denise Fanella, Barbara Kesseler, Corrine Thomas.

Robert Mowery by James and Christine Backes, Doris Bamford, Pat and Jim Bressi,

Coal Cracker Club, Glenn L. and Mabel J. Henninger, Linda Dimmick, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Metrocavage, Dave and Tina Moore, Dave and Lee Anna Talisesky, Roseann and Al Varano, Kathy and Jim Yurick.

Helen Jane Murphy by Joe and Barbara Giguts.

Phyllis Murphy by Diann and Michael Kovack, Vincent and Regina Poplaski, Gloria Silipigni Wheeler.

Carol (Schlagel) MacNeal by Wes and Diane Schrader.

Stella G. Narke by Cal and Roseanne Harris.

Alma Payne by John and Suzanne Kiesnowski.

Karla Petrino by Loretta Brown.

Bernadette and Bernard Petro by James, Karen (Tosh) Linton.

Beverly Progansky by Audrey A. and Gerald E. Mroz.

Morgan Purcell by Babe.

Andrew Reich Sr.  by Ed and Nancy Binkoski.

Leah May Rexrode by Gloria Picarelli Catino.

Bernard “Bernie” Rumberger by Coal Township High School Class of 1957.

Kenneth Savage by Chris Wert.

Carl M. Shoffler by Helene Boyd Shoffler and Family.

James M. Stewart by Linda Dimmick.

Jean C. Stewart by Don and Marion Myers, Chet Stesney.

Margaret Lorraine Strausser by Doris Bamford, Meg Bartol, Janice Wetzel Curran, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howatt, The Stanley Family, Jerry, Kathy, John and Jeremy Strausser, Karen Rhodes, Nancy Shervanick, Leslie Thompson, Roseann and Al Varano, Jim and Kathy Yurick.

Adeline L. Talisesky by Joe and Carol Broscious, Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski, Skip and Carmeline Rabuck.

Don and Trudy Trego by John and Suzanne Kiersnowski and Family.

Marion Valanoski by Rosie Fullmer.

Brient Wiest by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family.

Frances Wiest by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family.

Donna Wisloski by Boots and Flash Ramp, Shirley Golden, John and Sue Golumbfskie, Mary Goncalves, Bob and Mary Ann Hartman, Alan and Joanne Horoshock, Denise and Dennis Klinger, Margaret and Frank Konopka, Edward and Diane Luberecki, Shane and Danielle Mowery, Shamokin Area High School Class of 1972, Erica and John Tobias and Gage and Grayson, Jack and Ruth Ann Tobias, Roseann and Al Varano, Kathy and Jim Yurick.                 Kenneth P. Yoder Sr. by Rosie Fullmer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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