Memorials for March 2021

1 Year Anniversary:

Victor Nestico by Sharon, Kay, Cheryl, Lynnette and Andrea.

Birthday Memorial:

Todd Heitzman by Scott, Sharon, Jarrett, Tricia and Grady.


Bonnie Alleman by Rich and Doris Staugaitis.

Lorraine Dameron by Jeanne and Bill Hoffa.

Steven Derck by Amy Brooke and Elizabeth Zalar, Joe and Ruth Bordell, Michael and Corrine Carpenter, Bill and Helen Kuzmick, Sandy and Jim Zurick.

Katie Disori by Ralph Victoriano.

David Emil by Ron and Lisa Howerter.

Ed and Verna Fetterman by Ralph Victoriano.

Louise T. Gayeskie by The Annabelle’s Girls, Gene and Nancy Boughner.

Louis Grayson by Peggy Ferrari, Shirley Golden, Sharon Williams.

Marie and Troy Grinaway by Kathy and Abby James.

Troy Grinaway by Rick, Sue, Lisa and Ryan Burns, Peggy Timco.

Margaret “Peggy” Grow by Don and Marian Myers.

Shawn Guschel by Dave and Tina Moore.

Joleanne Hall by Kathy James, Sons: William and Donald, Brother-in-Law: Fritz Dombroski.

Frank Hogarty by Keystone Fish and Game Association, Joseph J. and Mary Ellen Sager, Peggy Timco, Kelly, Reagan, Katie and Ella.

Betty Jarosiewicz by Nancy and Amanda Galgocy.

Richard “Dick” Kashner by Dave and Tina Moore.

Richard “Dick” Kashner and Merle Kashner by Sandy and Tico Zarick.

Edward and Ada Knarr by Ralph Victoriano.

Nickolene Knovich by Marian Edmondson and Kathy and Abby James, Pauline Mirarchi and Family, Arlene Morgan, Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski.

Daniel Kozar by Joe and Joyce Sickora and Family, Mary Ann Sickora and Richard Spear.

Alfred Krushinskie by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family.

Urusla Ghezzi Kujan by Peggy Ferrari.

Dale Lenig by High School Special Education Department.

Samual Letizia by Loretta Brown.

Tina Lobb by Rosie Fullmer.

J. Edward “Ned” Ludes by Marian Edmondson, Kathy and Abby James, Chet Stesney.

Kevin Malukas by Susan and Rick Burns, Steve Butkey, Steve and Holly Chernago, Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Shirley Golden, Cindy, Ron and Marissa Moyer, Katie and Ella, Chris, Lanza and Dawson Williams.

John Molesevich by Barbara Kessler.

Doris Mordan by High School Special Education Department

Francis Moran by Eileen Merok.

Kenneth L. Murdock by Marian Edmondson and Kathy and Abby James, Lori Novack, Stephen Bradley, Lyndsey, Crue, Ron McElwee, Haley, Hattie and Andy Derr.

Brandon Nash by Rick, Sue, Lisa and Ryan Burns, Ed and Mary Ann Greager, Bill and Helen Kuzmick and Family.

Margaret Paul by Ian and Xavier, Dennis and Roxann Kodack.

Melvin Reichner by Mary Ann Anderson Barrett.

Elizabeth Reiprish by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Circle at Edgewood Swim Club, Gloria and Sami, Suzanne and Bob Starke, Corrine Thomas and Family.

Diane Robel by Matt, Lori, Sami And Matthew Schiccatano.

Thomas Rodgers by Marissa Moyer.

Nellie Roughton by Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski, Ron Zyla and Rhonda Eckman.

Carl Santor by Marian Edmondson and Kathy and Abby James, Don and Marian Myers, Joseph and Mary Ellen Sager.

Gregory Schoffler by Sue and Rick Burns, Chet Stesney.

Sylvia Shappell by Jennifer and Brian Brudnicki, Rae and Chuck Hopta, Betty Scicchitano, Jane Williams.

Arthur Stamets by Fullmer Family.

Margaret Lorraine Strausser by Dave and Sandy Navrocki

Anthony Varano by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Marian, Bill, Jeanne, Kathy and Abby.

Della and Acacio Victoriano by Ralph Victoriano.

Marna Victoriano by Ralph Victoriano.

Molly Victoriano by Ralph Victoriano.

Marie Young by Peggy Timco.

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