Memorials & Honors for June 2021

Century Club:

Bonnie Alleman by Ed and Judy Linkus.


June 2006…Todd “T.J.” Latsha by Mother, Sister and Brother-in-Law.


Jimmy “Hoss” Boblick by Aunt Margie and Uncle Mike, Sue and Rick Burns, Marylou, Rodney, Noah and Maura, Barb Stankiewicz.

Paul Costa by Brian Jeremiah.

Walter Thomas “Tom” Dobeck by JoAnn Dobeck.

Scott Fisher by Patricia Czech.

Kenneth Kabonick by Dottie Jeremiah and Family, Mr. Pizza Softball Team.

Linda Kopitsky by David Janaskie, Sam and Gerri Weaver, Tico and Sandy Zarick.

Hazel Kreitzer by Rosie Fullmer.

Doreen Ellen Lorenz by Veda Kopitsky.

J. Edward “Ned” Ludes by Henry and Mary Lou Sherupski.

Bernice Milbrand by Patricia Czech, Millie Lenig, Boots and Flash Ramp, Sam and Gerri Weaver.

Joseph Panberella by Scott and Sharon Heitzman.

Raymond Reeder by Emily Parker and Family.

Dorothy T. Snyder by Sue and Rick Burns.

Peter Stello by Bob and Suzanne Starke, John and Mary Stello.

Danielle Swartz by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Marge Tosloskie.

Vera Yanishak by The Bench Gang on Market St., Sue and Rick Burns, Kathy and Abby James and Marian Edmondson.

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