Memorials & Honors for July 2021

The Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library Announces Memorials For the month of July 2021:

In Honor Of:

Lourdes Regional School Class of 2021 by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Madden.

7th Year Anniversary:

Tatum Tillett, August 1, 2014 by Mom, Dad and Harvey Tillett.

Birthday Memorial:

Kristopher Harris by Wes and Teresa Tillett.

Century Club:

Irvin Liachowitz by Charles R. Williams, Michael and Linda Dormer, Amy and Jim Elkind, Bonny and John Klinger, Margaret and Frank Konopka, Myers and Lynch Ins., Inc., Yoko Najarian.


Michael Barber by Linda and Brian Persing.

Anthony “Tony” Billas by Ray and Mary Ann Bartosic, Joe, Joyce and Zach Sickora and Family, Mary Sickora and Richard Spear.

Brenda Britton by Cousin: Dolly Schoch.

Donna (Breining) Lee Derk by Gertrude Breining.

Nancy Burba by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family.

Donna Davis by Suzanne and Bob starke.

Linda Kopitsky by Ed and Nancy Binkoski, Christine Hudson, Kathy and Keith Jeremiah, Linda and Brian Persing, Paul and Tina Zupicick.

Tamera Koser by Sheridan Staff.

Annette Kramer by Boots and Flash.

Irvin Liachowitz by Kathy Martini Ash, Phyllis Boyer, Cecilian Club, Danny and Sandy Ciesluk and Family, Linda Dimmick, Martin and Elaine Eichen, Engle Family, Joanne Fishman, Mary and David Hollingshead, Ron and Kelley Jacobs, Marilyn Kanezo, Annamae Kanuchok, Rose Marie Kopyscianski, Mike and Jennifer (Smink) Korlovich and Family, Linda Latsha and Family, Paul, Deb and Matthew Losiewicz,

Ted and Jackie Matlow, Margaret and John Merlino, Don and Marian Myers, Jean Olcese, Linda and Brian Persing, Pam and Craig Rhoades, Marlyn Cox- Robel, Amy Brams Savage, Matt and Lori Schiccatano and Family, Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library Staff and Board, Ed and Kathy Smink and Family, Ed and Bonnie Smink, Lee Spock and Family, Brett and Remy Strause, Bob and Nancy Tozer,

Tony, Tara and Rio Varano, Lee and Ann Weller, John Witkowski.

Joyce Ann Little by Christine Hudson.

Margaret Madden by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Ronald Yurkiewicz.

Debra Miller by Cathy and George Persing and Briana Wagner.

Bernice Milbrand by Ann and Rich Weikel.

Mary Ann Mostik by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family.

Richard A. Nahodil Sr. by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family.

John R. “Jack” Orner Jr. by Myron and Karen Chowka.

Wayne Orner by Shamokin High School Class of 1955, Jonathan and Erica Tobias and Family, Shirley Golden.

Courtney Price by Chris and Alyssa Tobias, Darve and Sheri Tobias,                 

 Darve III and Krisa Tobias, Jonathan and Erica Tobias and Gage and Grayson.

Joseph Picarelli by Rick and Gloria Catino, Dennis, Carol and Michael Delorso, Bill Dudeck, Kathy and Abby James, Keith and Kathy Jeremiah, Nicole and James Luta, Linda and Brian Persing, Gloria Treese.

Daniel Shaffer by Shamokin Area Retired Teachers.

Sylvia Shappell by Ronald and Victoria Sukowski.

Anthony “Doc” Sieklicki by Carl and Bernadette Baskin and Family, Michael and Dolores Bonshock.

Tatum Tillett by Cal and Rosanne Harris.

Jill Todzia by Janet.

Verna  Yanishak by Wes and Teresa Tillett.

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