September 2021 Memorials & Honors

The Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library announces Memorials for the month of September:

Century Club:

Irvin Liachowitz by Joseph McBride.

Ann McGinley and John McGinley by Family.

Genevieve Makowski by C. Richard and Deborah Carlson, The Shamokin Coal Township Public Library Board of Trustees.

Marie Malick by Jeffrey and Sandra Hampson, Hauni Richmond Inc.

Anniversary for Tatum Tillett by Cal and Roseanne Harris and Family.

5 Year Anniversary of Margaret Heitzman by Scott, Sharon, Jarrett, Tricia, Grady and Jill.

84th Birthday for Rosalie K. Okrasinski by Grandchildren: Jacqueline, David, Nicole, Vanessa and Samantha.


Robert Anascavage by Coal Township High School Class of 1964, John and Sue Golumbfskie, Cindy Heins, Jean Olcese.

Antonio “Tony” Andrade by Suzanne and Bob Starke.

Marilyn Baskin by Jeffrey and Kathleen Clutcher, Sheryl and Bob Kline.

Sandra “Sandy” Ginther by Sam and Gerri Weaver.

Jane Goguts by Rev. Dr.Robert G. Aregood, Terry and William Persing.

Timothy Herb by JoAnn Shurock.

Richard Hooper by Ralph “Rally” Long.

Theresa L. Koshinskie by Priscilla Kobelis.

Irvin Liachowitz by Gene and Nancy Boughner, Barry and Karen Chaskin, Ron and Dottie Lentini.

Ryan Little by Marian Edmondson.

Genevieve Makowski by Peggy Bednarchik, Joanne Chesney, Coroniti Family, Larry and Elizabeth D’Angelo, Charles Y. Dernatel, Mary and Thomas Harmon, Kathy and John Jeremiah, Annamae Kanuchok, Dave and Marianne Kinder, Bernie and Jan Nestico, Don and Marian Myers, Don, Shannon and Sarah Myers, Bob and Annette Sandri, Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library Staff, Dick Spear and Mary Sickora, Suzanne and Bob Starke, Bill and Barb Troutman, Judith Urick and Family.

Marie Malick by Jeffrey and Kathleen Clutcher, Ed and Brenda Guzik and Son, Donna L. and Barry L. Lentz, Anne Wright.

Mary Martin by Jeanne and Bill Hoffa.

Janice Mrowka by Peggy Ferrari, Elizabeth “Betty” Scicchitano, Joe and Kathy Smith.

Betty Mae Neil by Patricia Czech, Cindy Heins.

Rosalie Okrasinski by Nancy Ebbecke.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Payne by Jeanne and Bill Hoffa.

Wanda S. Reid by Don and Marian Myers, Jean Olcese.

Margaret Reichenbach by Julie and Bob Griffiths, Joe and Kathy Smith.

Karen Schwalm by Julie and Bob Griffiths.

Noreen Schwalm  by Rita Buhay, John and Sue Golumbfskie, Joy and Michelle Knapik, Linda Latsha and Family, Shamokin Area Retired Teachers.

Thomas Weaver by Ralph “Rally” Long.

Kay Young by Jeffrey and Kathleen Clutcher.

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