October 2021 Memorials & Honors

The Shamokin-Coal Township Library announces Memorials for the month of October 2021:

Century Club:

Lorraine Halcovich by Loving Daughter: Sandra.

Genevieve Makowski by Dorothy Goodman, Margaret and Frank Konopka.

Alma Payne by Robin Harvel and Art Payne.

2nd Anniversary for:

William T. (Bill) Lewis by Barb and Dave Ammerman.

13th Anniversary for:

Richard Shurock by Wife: JoAnn and Children.

Birthday Memorial:

Mildred D. “Mitzi” Blair (100th Birthday) by Kathy Gonsar and Joe Rocuskie.

Marlin Heitzman by Scott, Sharon, Jarrett, Tricia, Grady and Jill.

John “Jack” Latsha (October 26th) by Wife, Daughter and Son-in-Law.

Todd “TJ” Latsha (October 31st) by Mother, Sister and Brother-in-Law.

Todd Latsha and Jack Latsha by Barb and Dave Ammerman.


Patricia and Dr. Richard Albright by Kathy Steiner.

Robert Anascavage by Ed and Nancy Binkoski.

Thomas Bamford by Doris Bamford and Family, Kathy Gonsar and Joe Rocuskie, Jeanne and Bill Hoffa, Rol and Arlene Morgan, Bob and Rose Valania, Tico and Sandy Zarick.

Anne M. Daly by Steve and Sue Stadnicki.

Philip Farber by Audrey and Gerry Mroz.

R. Sandra Ginther by Andy and Marianne Moyer.

Kristopher Harris by Wes and Teresa Tillett.

Edward Helfrick by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Konopka.

Priscilla Kobelis by Friends from Lincoln Towers: Linda A Long, Rich Ulrich, Bertha Backes, Betty Ann Zarick, Blendine Howerter, Linda D. Long, Joyce Boyer, Jerry Skovinskie, Mary Jane Klemick, Sheryl Wagner.

Marie Lahr by Aunt: Marie Erdman.

Patrick Latsha by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, Bill Dudeck, Bill and Helen Kuzmick, Sue, Mike, Erika and Brooke Strausser, Amy and Elizabeth Zalar, Blake Zaler.

Theresa Lucas by Ben and Celeste Blascovich, Jill Heitzman.

Genevieve Makowski by Chaz and Heather Krebs, David and Betsy Marateck, Leslie Shuman.

Betsy Mae Neil by Sarann and Tom Keyack.

Noreen Schwalm by Ed and Nancy Binkoski, Susan and Bill Haas, Kathy and Keith Jeremiah, Sarann Keyack.

Joseph Schweitzer by Claudia J. Wolfe.

John L. Scopelliti by Cindy Heins and Family.

Job E.Seger Sr. by Dan and Cyndi Klebon.

Hope Sheperd by Shamokin High School Class of 1955, Gloria Treese.

Beverly Speshock by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family.

Larry E. Troutman by Don and Marian Myers.

Kathy Walls by Darlene and Lana Bridy.

Rose Marie Witrosky by Marian Edmondson.

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