January 2022 Memorials & Honors

The Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library Announces Memorials for the Month of January 2022:

Birthday Book Club for Kaisen Kline by Sue (Mimi) Knapik.

Century Club:

In Memory of Dorothy Goodman by Judith Twiggar Reinhardt.

Anniversary Memorial:

Robert Glavich by Sharon, Barbara, JoAnn and Families.

90th Birthday Memorial:

Thomas Olcese by Wife and Daughters.


Judith (Milbrand) Allen by Kathy and Abby James, Margaret and Frank Konopka, Shamokin High School Class of 1964, Jeanette and Charlie Verano.

Mary Altomare by Dave and Sue Hoffman.

Carol J. Becker by Janet and Janine Wahosky.

Wayne B. Becker by Janet and Janine Wahosky.

Wayne and Carol Becker by Shannon Becker, Carol and Lambert Haupt, Annamae Kanuchok, Marianne and Andy Moyer, Larry and Barb Patynski, Annie Russ.

Catherine “Betty” Billas by Ray and Maryann Bartosic, Patricia Czech, Bob and Annette Sandri, Mary Ann Sickora and Dick Spear, Joe and Joyce Sickora.

Barry Boblick by Barb Stancavage.

Dolores Bonshock by Meg Bartol, Ben and Celeste Blascovich, Jake, Janet and Justin Wachter, Ron Zyla and Rhonda Eckman.

Susan Brass by Rose and John Zawalick.

Jaqueline V. Depretis by Sheridan Staff.

Patricia Engle by Ray and Mary Ann Bartosic, Patricia Czech, Marian Edmondson, Peggy Ferrari, Gloria and Sami, Kathy and Abby James, Ron Zyla, Rhonda Eckman and Tom Bickle, Don and Marian Myers, Jean Olcese, Sally Sobotor, Joann Spears, Barb Stancavage.

Jeffrey E. Fromm by Susan and Bill Haas, David Kaleta, Margaret and Frank Konopka, Linda Latsha and Family, Ang and Steve Marcinek, Mary Sickora and Dick Spear, Joe and Joyce Sickora, Pat and Chuck Sosnoskie, Larry Strausser, Tammy and Edward Taylor and Family, Kristie and Michael Bogush, Mike and Jennifer Knopp, John Neary and Family, Cheryl Verano.

Paul Gaughan by Loretta Brown.

Michael Gill by Joe and Diane Mushinski and Family, Kathy Passaretti-Seker.

Kevin Glover by Danny and Sandee Ciesluk and Family, RIchard Spear and Mary Sickora, Lesley and Colin Zawatski.

Dorothy Goodman by Joy Knapik, Margaret and Frank Konopka< Sam and Gerri Weaver.

Connie Lee Gulba by Shamokin Area High School Class of 1972, Dave and Tina Smith.

Lois Herman by Kathy and Abby James, Mary Sickora and Dick Spear.

Dale Hoffman by Ben and Celeste Blascovich, Ron and Sharon Miller.

Larry Hummel by Dan Cotter and Kathy James.

Sarah “Sally” Jones by Barb Stancavage.

Patrick G. Komara Sr. by Albert J. and Lois M. Buchinski, Erma Lorenz and Family, Richard, Michael and Natalie Staugaitis.

John Kondisko by Margie Kleinschmidt.

Marlin Latsha by Corrine Foltz, Darlene Foltz, Susan and Ken Stanner, Lori and Earl Foura, Tracy and Bob McIntyre and Linda Latsha.

Mary Martin by Arthur P. Martin.

Cecelia Moore by Deborah Kashnoski.

Annette (Anita) Pensyl by Jake, Janet and Justin Wachter.

Marian Pickering by Ken Dimm, Susan and Dennis Hepler, Mary T. Komara and Daughters, Mrs. Pauline Mirarchi, Jack, Catherine Maciejewski and Family.

Debra Tomcavage by Steven and Patricia Hauer and Family.

Shirley W. Welker by Angie, Carol, Char, Kathy, Kathy, Louann and Susan, Carolyn Weaver.

John Willis by Richard Spear and Mary Sickora.

Robert “Bob” Young by Bob and Annette and SSG Blake Sandri.

Francis “Punch” Zielinskie by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zack.

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