Hi Kids! Benji Potter here! As you can see, I LOVE Harry Potter! I even look like him! Since we can’t go inside the library right now due to that nasty Covid-19, I thought I would try to make it a little easier for you to enter the Harry Potter Horcrux Hunt. What do you have to lose??? You could win a set of Harry Potter books!

Okay. So here is what you have to do . . .

Identify each number with the corresponding picture on the entry blank which is at the end of this post. Then either send me an e-mail at with your answers and your name and phone number, OR come to the Library and one of the library ladies will give you an entry and you can find the horcrux’s on the REAL Harry Potter tree in the window. (Don’t worry. All the Horcrux’s are on the front of the tree, so they will be easy to find.)Remember! All entries need to be submitted by Thursday, December 17. A winner will be drawn on Friday, December 18. Good luck to all my muggle friends!

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