Library Memorials for November 2020

Shamokin- The Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library Announces Memorials placed during the Month of November 2020:

In Honor of: Mary Ann and Bob Hartman on Their 55th Wedding Anniversary by Kathy Gonsar and Joe Rocuskie.

In Honor of Annamae Kanuchok on Her Birthday by Catherine Labosky.

In Honor of Bari Snyder on Her Special Birthday by Kathy Gonsar and Joe Rocuskie.

Century Club: In Memory of Grace Manney by Ray and Sue Roth, Ruth and Gary Latsha, Bethann and Will Gearhart, Sally and Rich Parsons, Joanne and Doug Roger, Deb and Jim Henninger, Donna and Bruce Talisesky, Terri Snyder and Dawn Snyder.

In Memory of Gertrude “Trudy” Trego by Walt and Sara Furie.

In Memory of Gertrude “Trudy” Trego by Angela Zeoli.

In Memory of Eleanor Waraksa by Dave and Gina Rutkowski.

Anniversary Memorials:

14th Anniversary for Kathryn Galvich by Sharon, Barbara, JoAnn and Families.

21st Anniversary for Christopher Harris by Wes and Theresa Tillett.

5th Anniversary for Todd Heitzman by Scott, Sharon, Jarrett, Tricia and Grady.

Birthday Memorial:

Mildred D. Blair on what would have been her 99th Birthday by Kathy Gonsar and Joe Rocuskie.

Douglas Richie for his 55th Birthday by Family.


Michael Barber by Ed and Nancy Binkoski, JoAnn Dobeck, Marian Edmondson, Kathy Fanella, Kathy and Abby James, Keith and Kathy Jeremiah, James and Nicole Luta, Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski, Boots and Flash Ramp, Joe and Joyce Sickora, Lynda Yost and Pete Bednar, Ron Zyla.

Marie Casper by LeeAnna Talisesky.

Angelina Copolla by Joe, Joyce, Mary Sickora and Richard Spear.

Carl Dick by Doris Bamford, Peggy Ferrari.

Dorothy Duncheskie by Bill Dudeck.

Karen M. Gates by Don and Marian Myers.

Mary Ann Gresavage by Boots and Flash Ramp, Barbara Lamb.

Florence Heitzman by William and Sheila Jones.

Ruth Ann Hojnacki by Shamokin High School Class of 1955.

Russell Jones by Neighbors of Lincoln Towers: Eleanor Kissel, Mary Jane Klemick, Sara Klinger, Sheryl Wagner, Joyce Boyer, Rose Milbrand, Betty Ann Zarick, Bertha Backes, Rick Ulrich, Blendine Howerter, George and Linda Long.

Christina “Tina” Jurewicz by Kathy and Abby James, Dick Spear and Mary Sickora.

Rosemary A. Karycki by Kathy James.

Francis E. Kreski by Pat and Jim Bressi, Kathy Gonsar and Joe Rocuskie, Roseann and Al Varano, Ron Zyla.

Donna S. Kurtz by Peggy Ferrari.

Grace Manney by Corrine Thomas, Paul and Tina Zupicick.

Robert Mayton by Kathy Fanella.

Ronald Edward Polyniak by Kathy James.

Donna M. Rhodes by Jonathan and Alycia Rhodes.

Nevada Richie by Charmaine and Barry Smith, Nancy Smith.

Raymond Roth by Paul and Tina Zupicick.

William F. Rovito by Pat and Jim Bressi, JoAnn, Kim, Rob and Rich and Family, Sharon and Scott Heitzman, Barbara and Walt Kwiadek.

Rosemary Shicora by Nancy and Rich Stryeski.

Doris “Dolly” Spotts by Ken and Anne Marie Pogozelski, Mildred Rota.

John J. Strausser by Doris Bamford, Dave and Sandy Navrocki, Bob and Rose Searls, Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library Staff and Board, Roseann and Al Varano, Jim and Kathy Yurick.

Gertrude “Trudy” Trego by John and Susan Boback, Kathy Gonsar and Joe Rocuskie, Bob and Mary Ann Hartman, Sarann and Tom Keyack, Linda Latsha, Bob and Dorothy Renn, Charmaine and Barry Smith, Delroy and Sandy Strohecker, Corrine Thomas.

Joanna Tryland by Rich and Nancy Stryeski.

Eleanor Waraksa by Wes and Theresa Tillett, The Waraksa and Thomas Families.

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